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How long does a solar panel installation take?

One of the first questions homeowners have when considering installing solar panels is, “How long will it take to install?” Believe it or not, the actual installation only took him 6 hours. But switching to solar power involves more than just bringing a contractor to your roof. There are some additional factors to consider when planning how and when to complete your installation. We will guide you through the solar installation process and determine how long it will take to install it at your home.

 Choosing a solar installer

Choosing a solar installer is the first and most important step in your entire solar journey. Which company you choose will determine not only the price of the installation but also the quality and schedule.

Make sure you choose a reputable company that has been in business for at least 5 years, has certified installers and has a good reputation with customers. This step only takes a few hours, but it’s worth taking the time to find a few installers you like, as well as asking for a quote and comparing them. I never want to compromise when choosing the right company.
Getting at least three quotes increases your chances of getting the highest quality installation at the best price. The easiest way to find a reliable solar power company in your area is to use our state-of-the-art solar power calculator.

Location and roof assessment

Once you have selected a solar installer, you should conduct a site assessment to ensure your roof is suitable for solar installation. The person in charge of the construction company will visit your home to check the roof condition, shade, size, alignment, etc. Also, make sure your roof can support the weight of the solar panels, and check your electrical panels to see if they need to be retrofitted. It takes him less than a day to evaluate a site, a few hours at most, but he has a time frame of about a week to match the timing.

Solar Design

Once the roof is determined to be solar-ready, our engineers begin planning the solar system. Power consumption, roof characteristics, local building codes, and utility requirements are all considered when designing the system.

The design process takes an average of two to three weeks but can take longer for more complex roofs. Even so, the planning phase for complex systems rarely lasts longer than four weeks.

Applying for building and solar permits ( We handle that for you )

Adding solar panels is a construction project, so all necessary permits must be obtained before installation can begin. Unfortunately, the permitting process is probably the longest part of solar energy. The exact permits needed vary from city to city. Some have very solar-specific permits, while others have various building and electrical permits that must be obtained.
Depending on the type of permit required and the community’s permitting process, it could take as long as two weeks or almost two months to get approval. To be honest, it’s a pain to wait so long for permission. But the good news is that your solar installer will handle all the paperwork. you don’t have to.

Ordering equipment and scheduling installation

Once the permit is approved, the company can actually start installing the system. Some installers have their equipment on hand so they can get their project started as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait for the device to be shipped, but you may have to wait until the device is scheduled for installation. So this phase will take at least a week.

If the installer doesn’t have the supplies on hand, it can take weeks to get everything you need, especially given the ongoing problems in his chain of supply in the solar industry.


As I said before, actually installing solar panels is the shortest part of the process. Most residential solar installations take only about 6 hours to complete.

Just like designing a system, the more complex it takes, the more time it takes. In general, solar installations do not last more than 3 days, unless there are unexpected problems during installation. But these worst-case scenarios are rare. click here to check complete installation process.


Installing solar is worth the wait

Ok, 6 months is a while. But, as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” It often takes him nine years (or less!) to recoup the cost of the solar panels, even if the installation takes months to complete. Then you get completely free electricity for 15 years. Plus, it’s good for the planet – who doesn’t love it? If you’re still undecided about whether to invest time and money in a solar system, use our free solar panel calculator to gain insight into how many solar panels you need, what incentives are available, and how much you can afford. I can do it. The length of the savings and payback period.


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